Sending emails through Pepipost using your WP Mail SMTP is quite simple. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Login to your wordpress and install WP Mail SMTP plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

Step 2: Once installed, activate the plugin. And click on the Settings link on your plugins page:

Step 3: Enter the following details:

  • From Email: The from/sender email address from which the email will go e.g. info@example.com. Note: In this case the example.com need to be pre-verified and approved on Pepipost. Login to you Pepipost account to add and verify your sender domain.
  • From Name: Name that emails should be sent from. e.g. Customer Care, Support Team etc
  • Mailer: Select "Use Pepipost SMTP to send emails"

  • Return Path: This is optional
  • Under Pepipost SMTP Options, enter the following details:
    • Username: Your Pepipost SMTP username
    • Password: Your Pepipost SMTP password
    • SMTP Port: Port can be 25, 587 or 2525. Many a time the hosting providers blocks these ports for outgoing email. Hence, if none of these ports are working, then you need to contact your web hosting provider to unblock these ports for sending outgoing emails.
    • Encryption: Default is "no encryption"
Once all the settings are done, click on "Save Changes". Now, the setup is ready to send your first test email.
How to get Pepipost SMTP username and Password?

  1. Sign up with Pepipost, and activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link sentonthe email.
  2. Login to your Pepipostaccount with your username and password. GotoHelp --> GettingStarted. 
  3. Click on Add Domain/Goto Domain Management tab: The domains that you would use to send emails need to be added to Pepipost. Learn more here.

    Screenshot for reference: 
  4. Once your sender domain configuration is done, you account is completely ready for sending the emails.
  5. Get your SMTP and API credentials: Go to Settings> Overview. Get the SMTP username and password from the respective boxes. Bydefault the SMTP username and password is same as yourPepipost account username and password.