How to get started with Pepipost ?

  • What is PepiPost?

PepiPost is a cloud-based email delivery engine. It helps you deal with the challenge of timely delivery of your transactional and triggered emails to the inbox of your contacts.

Are you confused with the term- Transactional email ?

Transactional emails are those which are generated automatically from your website or any application because of the customer's activity like signup, order confirmation, forgot password, cart abandonment, welcome/followup series, feedback emails and lots more. Even automated product/service notifications, newsletters to your customers falls under this category.

  • Who can work with PepiPost?


Whether you are a big enterprise or a startup on your way to make it big, your tasks related to sending all the transactional/triggered emails, can be taken care of by PepiPost.

  • How does PepiPost work?

Whether your preferred mode of sending mails is SMTP relay or HTTP APIs, PepiPost has solutions for both. If you have your own mail servers/clients/application that runs on SMTP, then you would want to use SMTP. Learn more, here.

If you have online portals or mobile apps, then you would want to use HTTP. Learn more, here.

Simply integrate PepiPost with your server/client/application and rest is automatically done by PepiPost.

Confused? We are here to help. Contact:

  • How to get started with PepiPost?

To send your first email through PepiPost, perform the following basic steps:

  1. Sign up with PepiPost, and activate your account.
  2. Provide the basic details to set up your account. 
    1. Log in to your PepiPost account with your username and password. Click GettingStarted. 
      Screenshot for reference:
    2. Type the details in the page. Click Save. You can edit/update the details whenever required.
  3. Set up sending domains: The domains that you would use to send emails need to be added to PepiPost. Learn more here.
  4. Get your SMTP and API credentials.
    Once your sender domain configuration is done, you account us completely ready for sending the emails. Based on your preferred mode of email sending you can get the SMTP or API details from the Settings page.

    Go to Settings> Overview. Get the API key or SMTP credentials from the respective boxes.

  5. Integrate PepiPost with your system.
    - Learn how to integrate using SMTP
    - Learn how to integrate using HTTP API
  6. Sit back and relax